Monday, 30 January 2012

sex, money and God

Hey! So its been around a week since my last post, and what a different week it has been! Frankly, this week hasn't been the easiest one, but looking back it was so crucial.
Unfortunately a bunch of people (including myself) were sick this past week, so it was much more challenging to pay attention to the teachings and stay engaged. On top of the sickness it was a Corporate Week. Which means that all the schools were together for our teachings, the setting was not as personal as we've grown used to, considering there were around 300 students instead of 40, and we had a translator (which for most of us was really distracting).

BUT we did get some good teachings out of the week!

Darlene Cunningham (Co-founder of YWAM) spoke for the first 2 days, then we had Heidi Baker on wednesday, and then Darlene and some of her associates spoke for the other days.

One of my favourite nights was when a 24yr old girl came to speak on Sex Trafficking. God first called her to focus on this justice issue when she was 18 and between then and now she has released a documentary of her going around all 50 states and interviewing different people about the issue. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the screening, but some of the students are planning on buying the DVD and watching it as a class.
The website is: If you're interested in seeing more of her work.

This week we're hearing from Greg Wiley about The Nature and Character of God. I am so excited for this week, its coming in perfect timing for what God has been preparing us for in these past few days!

Please be praying that everyone fully recover from their various illnesses.
Also, we need to put in our $2500 deposit by this FRIDAY. So if you can be praying that everyone's finances come in on time. If your interested in supporting me, please click on the "How You Can Help" tab at the top of the page! I am still looking for approx. $1400 to come in.

Much love,

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


This past week has been chalk-full of God challenging me to radically obey Him. It has certainly been challenging, to surrender control to Him but as I continue choosing to obey Him, my faith is growing and I am experiencing more freedom than I ever have.
Over the weekend I FINALLY got to take a trip to the beach! It was my first time hitch-hiking, not to mention being in the bed of a pick-up truck. Definitely not my first sunburn, but so far its turning into a tan... and the waves were definitely the biggest I've ever swam in. It was a blast, and we followed it up by going out to Splashers for massive burgers and some good talks.
Yesterday was mostly me starting and finishing my Journal Assignment, and now I'm on the race to read my book and write a report on it in just 8 days :o ! But the night ended watching "A Walk To Remember" on the lawn with double-stuffed oreos and cheese-its...
So overall, it was a pretty amazing weekend.

This week is packed with a bunch of different speakers, including Heidi Baker and the Cunninghams (Founders of YWAM). We got the first taste of it this morning, and then we were off to learn how to build a water pump out of PVC Pipe. After 45 minutes of sanding, we were successful, and will be able to bring that knowledge to wherever we go, but specifically on our outreach trip to SRI LANKA!
Then it was off to finish up more homework and then Ministry Night in the prayer room. God is doing so much so rapidly in all of us, He's specifically been revealing that He has a plan for each of our lives, which is designed to fit each one of us. His plan is to come alongside us in discipling us, being Lord of our lives, as well as being the perfect Father.
It is such a fascinating and overwhelming process, but the excitement is so thick. I cannot wait to see what God does through these amazing speakers this week!

Updates soon,
Becca <3

Thursday, 19 January 2012

deep & beyond

Even before we got on campus, God has been moving and letting our leaders know, that while we are a smaller school, we are going to be mighty! The desire in everyone here to know God more and have a deep relationship with Him, is so tangible.

Our first week's theme was Hearing God's Voice, which was an amazing way to prepare us for the rest of school and life, as hearing from God is vital in walking out his call on our life.

This week Jeff Waalkes has been speaking on The Call and Cost of Following God. Its been amazing and challenging, but it is so clear that God is in our midst and wanting to speak to us.
If I could choose the "Theme" for these first two weeks here at YWAM, I would have to say it has been Surrendering to God. Its been in many different ways and surrounding a ton of different topics, but I really feel that God is wanting to make himself known as Lord of my life. At first it is a challenge, to lay yourself down, but with it I have found so much freedom!

Today we had our Local Outreach Orientation, with Deep&Beyond. Here is a clip so you can see more about what they do...
Our team will be following up with participants and building relationships with them and ministering to their families by supporting them in the day-to-day things that need to be done. I am so excited for this opportunity, and to see God move through us in a way that I haven't personally experienced before. I  know that the goal is to minister to these wonderful people, but I truly believe that we will be the ones who are ministered too, as we get to see God work in their lives.

I cannot wait to see what else God has planned for this week, as we continue hearing about The Call & Cost of Following God. It is bound to be a life changer, and it will be AMAZING!

Please be praying that we are all open to hearing what God wants to speak into our lives, and that we are able to minister well to the people around us!
Much love,

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I am going to Sri Lanka !!!
I can honestly say, I never thought I would say that in my life, but it is happening folks, and I have an amazing team coming with me! There are 6 girls, 2 boys, and 2 leaders (girls) going on our trip, and it is bound to be rockin'!
I am so pleased with this turn of events. I'll catch you up a bit though, on how I've ended up with Sri Lanka as my next destination...
For the past 3 months, I have desperately wanted to go to Nepal after reading "The Little Princes" by Connor Grennan (HIGHLY recommend it). But Friday morning, the day of location reveal, I felt God tell me that even though He know's I want to go to Nepal that I "may have to wait". Obviously I didn't even know what countries would be options, so I didn't think too much of the sacrifice that was. Until the outreach locations were revealed:
Sri Lanka
I could have sworn the Nepal was in flashing lights and shiny colours when I saw it on the list, I so wanted to choose it. I almost did. But before I could put it in the basket I went off to the side, knowing I wasn't being obedient, and asked God where I was supposed to go. He told me Sri Lanka, and Nepal as a second choice. I could have been sick I was so nervous, but as the nerves went away and my choice was made, I've felt more piece about Sri Lanka. My leader actually approached me at one point, asking if I were flexible on location, and I told her that I was. It meant so much to me to know that the leaders are so dedicated to praying over each choice, that they will question us if they feel that we may not have heard from God. But apparently I did, because I am going to SRI LANKA! I am so excited about my teammates and the leadership, we are bound to have tons of fun!
We have yet to decide on what ministry we will be focusing on, but the planning is bound to start up soon and with a vengence!

Please be praying that we have wisdom as we plan our trip, and that we be hearing from God clearly, and seeking him first.
Keeping you posted,

Friday, 13 January 2012

intensity building

Life is INTENSE here on the "Big Island". People are so on-fire for God, it is so incredible to be able to be a part of it!
Tomorrow we wrap up our week on Hearing God's Voice. I don't think one day has gone by since class started when I haven't been in tears, as well as nearly everyone around me. But its the good kind. The kind that means change is happening, that old mind-sets are being layed down, and that God is truly making himself known as Lord and Father in my life. It is so exciting! I don't have words to describe how great this feels. Its tough for sure. But one thing that has constantly been repeated is that "Its an uncomfortable position to be in (with God) but its a comforting place to be". Basically meaning, that while crying and changing is not easy and it pushes me, the people I am with and the leadership are a safe place, were I can be comforted in a difficult but wonderful time.
God is showing himself more and more to me. Its giving me such a hunger to know more, that its becoming frustrating. In the best possible way of course, we should always be hungry for God. Never satisfied with just a little taste.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day. We wrap up on Hearing God's Voice with Donna Jordan, and then finally get an afternoon off!
Just so you know how exciting that is, we have only had meals as free-time for this past week. And meals don't last more than 2 hrs.
So here has been my schedule for the past week:
6am: wake up > 6:15-7:15 breakfast > 8-8:45 1st class > 9-12pm 2nd class > 12-1:30 lunch > 2-4pm 3rd class > 5-6:15 dinner > 6:30-8:30 4th class.
Then normally we hangout at the Banyan Tree till 10 and then bedtime! 
As you can see, an afternoon off (1:30 - 6) will be a grand thing. Of course it will be chalk full with catching up on journalling, bible reading, and beginning to read our current book... likely blogging, and going to the prayer room. BUT it will be time off!

Then at 6pm the craziness will begin, as we will finally know our Outreach Locations! We will be told them (bound to be in some crazy creative fashion) and be given just 10 minutes to pray about where we feel God is calling us to go. Without knowing any information other than the name of the country.
Then Monday, we will know our teams and leaders, and start small groups were we will discuss the options for our ministry.

This week we've also chosen our Equipping Tracks and Local Outreach slots. I will be doing a Local Outreach called Deep and Beyond. Deep and Beyond helps disabled children experience freedom through water, and often take them scuba diving and the like. My team will be doing follow up (not in-water activities) and help discuss where the families are at, and just maintain relationship with them.
For the first 5 weeks I will be trained with JUSTICE WATER, on how to provide lasting sources of clean and safe water. Then the following 5 weeks will be teaching on Children's Ministry.

Life is about to get even more crazy starting tomorrow. Luckily we will have the weekend to prepare as best as we can, and catch up on some much needed rest... and homework!

Much love,
I will keep y'all posted on Outreach info!


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

photo update!

SO I am having a BLAST here in Kona!
Everyone is wonderful and God is moving in such powerful ways at such a rapid pace. Its a little frightening, but so wonderful!

I'll write a bit more on all the wonderful stuff later, but for now I figured I would let you all see some photos of the campus!
So here goes:

Welcome Protocol by the native Hawaiians
University of the Nations - Flags 
Kailua Pier (Which I jumped off of for our Scavenger Hunt)

Sunset BBQ on the Beach

Banyan Tree Cafe - Our official hangout spot

The view as we walk to class each day

The Steps Of Doom - which we walk back up each day from class...

Ohana Court
I will talk to y'all later, but for now its time to go to bed.. with it being 10:40pm and a 6:15 breakfast tomorrow, I need to get some sleep in!

Much love,

Sunday, 8 January 2012

scavenger hunts and BBQs

Oh how I love it here!
Yesterday was a fun-packed day. Our school was broken up into teams and sent on a photo-scavenger-hunt. It was a really creative way for the staff to force us to take a bunch of pictures of some crazy and fun things. Myself and Jordan ended up jumping off a pier, just after seeing one of my friends had stepped on a sea urchin! So that was kind of freaky, but the water was lovely, and I managed to avoid them, so it was all good!
We all came back to campus, and went to the pool for a bit, and then met up to go for a Sunset BBQ on the beach. The food was awesome, chicken and rice and pineapple. And I don't really need to say it, but it was gorgeous. We saw a beautiful sunset and the ocean was lovely and what not.
Today I'm catching up on some sleep, and then a bunch of us are going into town to the market to try some fresh fruit, and God willing I will find a coconut!
Then tomorrow, classes begin! This week our topic is "Hearing God's Voice" its bound to be exciting and stretching so I'm looking forward to it.
Finally meeting my Facebook friends has been so cool. We've all connected so well, and its a very down-to-earth group.

I'm so expectant for what God has us for a group and individually as we go into this next week on Hearing God's Voice. It is going to be rockin'

I'm off for some TAWG (Time Alone With God), hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!

Much love,
Becca <3

Saturday, 7 January 2012

class schedule :)

orientation KONA


I am so blessed to be here! It is absolutely gorgeous! There is the volcano right behind our campus and the ocean infront and to the left of us. A gorgeous (unknown) tree right outside my dorm window and apparently our building is the best for spotting dolphins from ... cause the ocean is RIGHT THERE! I'm sharing a room with a total of 8 girls... bunk-beds are such a God-send!
The weather here is really nice, not too hot or humid, but enough for shorts and a tank-top...  and no sunburn! woohoo!

Yesterday was a long day, and mostly involved flying, which is not too exciting, so we'll just skim over that : )

Today however, was full and fascinating. It still doesn't feel real that I am here, and for longer than just one-week... much longer! But I certainly don't mind, and its slowly starting to sink-in.
This morning was the Welcoming Protocol. A Hawaiian tradition where the locals welcome us onto the land and bless us. It was a truly beautiful ceremony (I'll try to post pictures shortly).
Then we had an orientation for the DTS students... over 900 students are on campus this quarter. There's 8 different schools being run, as well as UofN students. Its pretty massive.
We did a lot of intro today, so there isn't a ton to talk about just yet that way, but the staff and other students are so amazing. We're already connecting really well, and I'm sure friendships will just continue to develop.

I will try and keep y'all posted as best as I can.
Much love,

Friday, 6 January 2012

the flight to SAN FRAN...

I'm currently flying over Hays Kansas, on my way to San Francisco where I'll take a connecting flight to Kona, Hawaii.
The past three days have been full of “goodbyes” and “see you later's.” Last night some of my fabulous friends were able to come bye last-minute and have a Goodbye Party. One of my favourite nights of the holiday, with lots of laughter, music and a few tears. Then this morning, my Mum and baby sis drove me to the airport and my friend Leigh was able to come and say goodbye as well. It has been so wonderful being surrounded by people that love me and that I love, definitely one of the best feelings ever to know how loved you are. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!
Shockingly enough, I managed to keep the tears at bay during all the goodbyes... but as a friend predicted: Soon as I was on the plane, there they were.
I can't decide if its good or bad, to only have strangers witness my little melt-down. Either way, the emotions are there, but its time to move on from the sadness of leaving to the excitement about going. And it is SO exciting! After all, what really is there not to be excited about?! ...Maybe the cockroaches?
Aside from that, I'm looking forward to everything! I finally get to meet my leaders, and all the wonderful people in my school. I'm so looking forward to the lectures, and just growing in so many ways, most of which I can't even begin to predict. Worship every day... The FRUIT!
And Hawaii's not half bad either, right?
I just finished watching Footloose, and I have to warn you all. Sitting in a plane makes it extremely hard and awkward to dance along... I recommend choosing a better venue. It is, however, AMAZING! Oh to live in a town where barn dancing, and just general dancing, is the norm... assuming I would be good at it, otherwise, that would just be embarrassing... For now, I am toe-tapping and listening to my country music <3

I am so expectant for what God has planned for me in these next 6 months. I can't wait to just deal with all the junk and get on with living the way he intended for my life. Considering he designed me and placed the desires in my heart, and I am pretty sure that living the way he intended is the best possible decision a person can make! I don't even know specifically what I'm expecting to have happen. Its simply a gut-feeling, I just know it will be REALLY GOOD! I know there will be life-long friendships, that I will fall madly in love with God, that I will grow in unbelievable and exponential ways, and that I will be forever changed and changing for the better.
I can't wait to see where I am going on my Outreach Trip, but I'm also perfectly content to live in the moment, and enjoy every second of my time in Hawaii.
I definitely want to learn how to surf and scuba dive, whether I will have the time or not is a different story, but just swimming in the ocean with all the sea-life teaming beneath me, *sigh* does it get any better?!

I am about 2 hrs out from the end of this leg of the journey, and then a 2 hr wait and then off to Kona. I'll arrive at 7:45pm local time... later than I'd like. But! I realized that I will see the sun setting as we're flying into Hawaii (Sun sets at 6pm), so that is pretty amazing! Too bad I won't get to see all the palm trees and oceanscape in the daylight, but what a surprise for the morning!

Monday, 2 January 2012


Well, vacationing time has come to an end. These past few days have been some of the best, I got to spend tons of time with my wonderful friends and connect up with some people before hopping on the plane!

Speaking of which. Packing. Its becoming a bit of an issue. Meaning, I have yet to start?

Its surprisingly emotional for me too pack, it means that I'm actually leaving. As much as I am over-the-moon about going, the leaving part is much harder than I expected. It feels a bit like I'm packing up my life, which I am, it just feels a lot more daunting than it has before. 

BUT lets focus on the important thing: 
I leave in
        3 days for Hawaii !
and I am SO EXCITED!!!

I suppose, if I am to arrive with my things, I should stop writing this post and start packing

So I will say "goodbye" and get to it...