Discipleship Training School 
The Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS) is more than YWAM’s entry-level course; it is a wild pursuit of God and His heart for the nations! As a student, you will be joined by individuals from around the globe and various walks of life. Together, you will be immersed into a community dedicated to effectively reaching the world with the Gospel.

Lecture Phase

With God as the focus, you will go deeper into the Bible. We bring in prominent speakers from around the world to insure that you receive a solid and well-rounded perspective of who Jesus is. However, our main focus is to equip you with the tools necessary to study His Word yourself.
Within your school, you will sit under teachings topics such as:
  • God’s Nature and Character.
  • God’s Intention for Individuals, Peoples, and Creation.
  • God’s Redemption: Sin and the Cross.
  • God’s Family: His Children & His Church.
  • God’s World: His Call & His Commission.
You will also receive an introduction to missions and the purpose of YWAM as a ministry.  Lecture Phase is more than an education; it is a journey to discover your identity in Jesus. Within a community dedicated to prayer, worship, and seeking God, we will challenge you to become the man or woman God desires you to be. He has wonderful plans for your life and we want to see you step into them!


Outreach Phase is what makes the YWAM-DTS experience unique. We believe that discipleship is not complete until you, a disciple, begin to make disciples. God desires that all mankind would know Him and His love. Being His followers, we desire the same! Alongside your peers, experienced staff will guide you in sharing your faith with the nations of the world.
However, we are not content with just sharing the Gospel. We believe that Jesus is the best humanitarian that ever lived and is concerned with every aspect of life. Therefore, our outreaches are filled with educating local individuals, involving ourselves in mercy ministries and humanitarian aid, and combating injustices such as poverty, human trafficking, hunger, and others. The Kingdom of God is about more than saving souls; it’s about offering holistic transformation.
There is no nation, tribe, or people that we will not visit. Your Outreach Phase will give you the opportunity to travel to a foreign culture on behalf of Christ. You will become His hands and feet in bringing hope to the world! It’s an experience that is bound to rock you to the core and it will define the way in which you view yourself in missions.

Entry Into A Degree With The University of the Nations

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the Foundational Core Course for all of the Undergraduate and Graduate Level Courses offered with the University of the Nations. The University offers Degrees in over 20 different fields of study. Contact an Advisor who will assist you in pursuing a degree with the University of the Nations. This could also help you choose which DTS would be a good entry point to begin the journey. 

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