Wednesday, 29 February 2012

i may just "get" Jesus a little more...

Hey y'all! So I want to share something that I learned last week, to me it is epic, and I hope it will be to some of you too. But if its something you knew already, even better.

Starting out with the honesty part.
Since I've been thinking about Jesus and who he is, I've never had the greatest impression of him. I always known he is both God and Man. But to me, him being on the earth, was just pretending to be a human, but he was secretly operating as God.
To me that meant that miracles were all His personal doing (nothing to do with God the Father). That Him being "tempted" was just going through the motions of what we go through, but really He wasn't affected by it because He is God. That dying on the cross didn't hurt him, because he switched over to being God and kept himself from feeling the pain, and just faked it. That during the three days, he was just chilling and waiting to re-inhabit his body on earth. etc.
I'm not sure if anyone else can relate to this, and if you do, there is good news. This IS NOT TRUE!
Let me explain... or try to.

First off, lets start by calling Jesus by the name he would've been called by his own family and friends, "Yeshua". The only reason we know about the life of Yeshua is because four of his friends decided to write down his story. The four being Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark.

Yeshua was fully human and still is. He has perfect relationship with God, and still is God, but he chose to limit himself to just a human, out of love for us, so that he could come and reveal to us who we are intended to be as humans.
I think this is one of the most difficult things to grasp. One thing that has really helped me, is the disciples. Until Yeshua rose from the dead, they didn't believe or understand that he is the Son of God. So as they are following him and being his disciples they would have been seeing him as fully human, and witnessing a perfect relationship with God the Father.
For example. When Peter sees Yeshua walking on the water, the only reason he would dare to think that he could too, was if he saw another HUMAN walking on the water. If they knew that Yeshua was the Messiah than Peter would never think that he could operate in the same way.
I think the best way to really grasp who Yeshua is, is to read through the gospels, knowing that the disciples would not have recognized him as the Messiah.
Than maybe think on what it would mean to the disciples to finally realize that Yeshua, their friend, and rabbi, was the Messiah.

We need to relate to Yeshua the way the disciples did. See him as a man first so that you can truly understand the wonder of his character.

Jesus didn't come to give us a system of salvation, He came to show us a new way of living. A Holy Spirit-filled life looks like Jesus'.

This is, for me, a pretty intense revelation. Frankly I'm not sure if I've explained it well. Please feel free to post questions, and as best as I can, I'll rally some answers together and get back to you with them.
Much love,

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