Sunday, 29 April 2012

team SriLi ministry

SO I'm going to attempt to update!
First of all, my birthday was EPIC! (yes I am blogging about it) We took a bus into Negombo (where we've done house-ministry all this week) and then squished 7 ppl into a rickshaw in the pouring rain into the town. We had an amazing meal and fellowship. Then took a second rickshaw to another home where we saw a woman delivered! We also had a second AMAZING meal... with dessert! The next morning my team surprised me with ice cream and nutella with bannanas in it and prayed/affirmed me, so super sweet!
We've been lead a kids ministry/ sunday school one night this week, which went remarkably well! We even had the parents get involved with a relay race, it was so funny seeing the women get all competitive and really challenging the guys side... obviously us girls won!
For the most part, this week has been house ministry were we've been sharing testimonies, short preaches, and leading worship. The fellowship has been wonderful and we've truly felt like family in this community! and we've been stuffed with incredible food... you literally have to cover your plate if your full.
Mid-way through the week we were super blessed and went boating! We took a picnik out into the middle of nowhere (and saw a legless, dead, massive turtle on the way) and went swimming in the ocean! Such a wonderful relaxed day, after we visited two different homes and had amazing food at the second with dessert! (again, so spoilt).
Saturday we went for a prayer walk on the beach... my team of 3 were blessed by one of the church members who bought us a coconut on ... Coconut Grove! (Kona people will appreciate that :P ) ... and corn-on-the-cob! We did an open-air on the beach which involved doing 2 dances, 2 skits and a testimony (half of which we were not! prepared for) and leading some games. Which ended being the locals teaching us how to play "Telephone Charades".

Next week we'll be teaching a Bible Study class for 4hrs a day for 4 days... it is bound to push us in entirely new ways, but it should be good!

Sri Lanka is so beautiful! It hasn't all been easy, and there are so many little things that we miss from home, but the community here has welcomed us and spoiled us in so many ways that any hardship pales in comparison!

Thank you for your continued prayers, and please be specific in praying that these bible teachings go well!

Much love,

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