Saturday, 22 September 2012

sleepless in Seattle

Along my journey from Toronto to Kona, I stopped off in Seattle for 5 days to visit one of my roommates from my Discipleship Training School in Jan.'12. Other than the incredible opportunity to reconnect with some friends and see a new part of the USA, I wasn't expecting much out of the trip.
Boy was I wrong.
It turns out, Seattle was exactly what I needed before heading out to the Leadership Track.
The first night I was there, Nae and I went to a leadership meeting for "Thrive." A college youth group in Gig Harbor whose leadership team she has joined. We had an incredible night of prayer and worship, and I was able to connect with the team immediately, as well as be able to come alongside them in prayer, as though I was just another leader. But it didn't stop there. Touring Seattle became less of a priority as ministry and fellowship became the greater focus of the trip. Every day I was in Seattle, I spent at least a few hours with this incredible group of people. I am truly inspired by them and their dedication to the work they are doing in Gig Harbor. Despite the hectic schedules they are all managing, they've made the Lord's work their focus. Each of them are leading lives of discipleship as they come alongside other youth and lead them closer into relationship with Jesus. I have been truly honored by them that I was so welcomed and included in the work they are doing.
God is truly moving in the north-west... and not just in Gig Harbour.
Nae and I went to visit another Youth With A Mission friend midway through the week and got to hear about the incredible work he is doing near Bremerton. "The Coffee Oasis" is a youth cafe and drop-in center that is growing in WA and becoming a popular place for street kids to come in, get some practical help, as well as a dedicated staff that live to serve, pray for, and disciple them if they desire it.
We also attended a prayer meeting that was a radical blessing. After hours of learning more about the One we serve and what He wants for our lives, we all received prayer and anointing as we were prophesied over regarding what plans God has for our lives. It was an incredible night, and even more encouraging when I got to see the fruit of that prophecy just 24hrs later as I co-lead a small group at the youth group in Gig Harbor.
It was an amazing week of fellowship, ministry and personal growth. While I was in Washington, I realized the importance of community in a way I haven't before. Sure, on DTS I experienced community living 24/7 for 6 months, and I thought I had an understanding of its importance then. But I think it takes losing it and then becoming a part of community again to realize its value. Going to Seattle, I got to witness and be a part of a community that inspired me. It made me realize the importance of pursuing deep relationship and fellowship wherever you go, so that together you can dive into ministry and grow deeper with God corporately and individually.

I am so excited about the work God is doing in the North-West. He really is moving in incredible ways, and it such a blessing that I got to witness a bit of what He is doing, and know how to be praying and interceding more specifically for the work going on there. Please join me in prayer as I pray for the "Thrive" youth group and "The Coffee Oasis". These are two ministries, among many, that are dedicated to bringing the Kingdom to earth in very practical ways.

You can visit their websites here:
The Coffee Oasis:
Thrive Youth Group:

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