Sunday, 21 October 2012

leadership training

The Awaken Leadership Track has officially begun!
There is so much that is being incorporated into this time, it feels similar to my DTS in the sense that I am being challenged to grow and take ownership of my walk with God. But it is also much more challenging, as this time isn't a time to receive but a time to pour out and to learn what it means to be a servant-leader. Its amazing to walk into this next level of discipleship as I am being called to a higher standard and learning to walk in the fullness of who God has created me to be. A little bit scary, and a lot-a-bit hard, but mostly exciting!

To give you a better idea of what my weeks look like, I wanted to share some of the elements of my week that create the structure for this time of Leadership Training!

Moravian Prayer Hours
The Leadership Track is covering the Prayer Room in 24/7 prayer for the nations and for revival to break out on the campus. The Moravian movement began back in the 1700's when a group of refugees living in Hernhut Germany began to pray for revival. For 100 yrs they prayed 24/7 before the cycle was broken. During and following that century, major movements happened in Europe, including the abolishing of slavery.

We have worship every morning, bringing our perspective into focus that everything we do is to glorify the Lord and to give Him praise. These are some of my favorite times in the week.

Practical Service
Everyone does practical service 4x a week for 3-4hrs. My service is on the Natural Farm, which is a practical way to research all-natural, organic, and sustainable methods for farming in developing nations. I am doing research and administrative work to document the research that is being done, and research new methods of farming and companion planting.

Contending Prayer, Intercession, Prayer Room, Ministry Night
We have Prayer-Room sessions 4 times a week, we alternate on different types, and focuses of prayer. Ultimately, we are seeking the heart of God and wanting to respond to what is on His heart. Some of the subjects we focus on weekly are:
Revival in America, Arts and Entertainment  and Unreached People Groups via the Joshua Project (see sidebar for today's people group).

Community Outreach
Once a week we go out into the community to show the practical side of God's love. We have multiple outreach teams that will go back to the same 'venue' each week. Outreaches include:
More Than Sport: using sport to talk about God and teach leadership to youth.
Salvation Army: feeding and hanging-out with Marshalese teens (a native group that is often rejected by society).
Hope Services: a transition home for homeless people being re-integrated into society.
Regency Elder Home: working with ICU patients suffering from severe cases of Alzheimer's and other similar conditions. Drawing, painting, and doing other therapeutic activities with them.
I am working in the Elderly Home starting next week, so more  I will be getting more in-depth about that particular outreach soon!

Leadership Training
Once a week we have leadership training, so far we've learned about the importance and power of prayer, what it means to live in God-centered community, and Spiritual disciplines.

Engage Staff Training
Our Engage Family meets once a week for training. So far we've been sharing testimonies and have heard about the power of walking in unity. Training will become more DTS-specific as the track continues, and will also become a time to discuss, pray for and plan for the upcoming Engage DTS.

Small Groups
Once a week we meet in small groups that will be our time to process the week and be a prayer support to each other.

Track Social & Engage Family Socials &Vision Meeting
Tuesday nights we alternate between Track Socials and Engage Family nights where we all get together for some fun, a meal, and some family-bonding-time. Or we get together for a Vision Meeting which is among the Staff and Leadership Track groups, where our leaders share their vision for the quarter and what God is doing in the nations etc.

Its a packed schedule, and its tough. But I am loving it. Its so comforting and safe to know that I am in a place, surrounded by people who all want to see me grow and become all that God intends me to be and to walk in what His plan is for my life.

Thank you for your continued support. I am so grateful for your continued prayers and support!
Much love,

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