Tuesday, 1 January 2013

creeping up on me!

Well, the past few weeks have been craziness. 

From staff training to beautification day, its been an intense 3 weeks!

The Leadership Track ended as of December 7th and Corporate Staff Training began on the 10th. We had one week of hard core training, mostly focused on the core values of Discipleship Training and what it means to be a "Discipler." It was definitely one of those moments when I began to understand "The Fear of the Lord" just a little bit more as I began to realize the responsibility and authority that is being entrusted to me as I become a leader to these students. Its hard even to call them "students" as I was one of them just one year ago, and always will be a student, thank the Lord that He is so meticulous at keeping me humble and teachable. Anyways, it was an incredible time of teaching and a surprising, but welcome wake-up-call.

During this time, we had the incredible joy of finding out our Outreach Locations and co-leaders! Of course, I must still keep it a secret as the students have yet to discover where they will have the joy of going on outreach... but I had to let you know that at least I know where I am going and I am super stoked about it! ;)

We also got to go on a Staff Retreat at the Makapala Base. Its such a joy each time we go there as its both cooler and windier. It means we get to pull out the leggings, sweatshirts, socks and hot chocolate. Us girls were on a crocheting frenzy and enjoyed making socks and scarves even if it will be months before we get to use them! But it was an incredible time of getting to know each other better and spending some family time together. We've realized that card games are a favorite among us and has made for some intense bouts of competitiveness and laughter.

And then there was Christmas... which was basically Makapala times 5. Minus a few of the teammates as they were visiting home, we enjoyed a splendid Christmas at Jo's house and 10 days of rest and relaxation as we did our best to recoup and recharge for the coming 6 months.

Now we are on to the craziness. We've spent this week cleaning, shopping, painting, decorating, and setting up the classroom so that it will be ready for when the students arrive...

...in three days!!!

You would think by now I would have learnt that time flies, but it still manages to creep up on me! 

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