Tuesday, 1 January 2013

that's a wrap!

Well, as the New Year is just hours away, I wanted to share with y'all just a few things that I am thankful for...excuse the cheesiness

I am thankful for ...
Family : who have been beside me even if they're an ocean and a continent away.
Friends : both new and old who have kept me sane, even if it looks like hysterical laughter. 
Home : whether its been for 5 years or 3 months... home is where the heart is, right?
Collages : which keep both memories and dreams alive.
Sunshine, Wind, Sunny, Cold and Rainy Days : because they remind me of God's creativity. 
Community : because it keeps my eyes off myself and focused on loving God and those around me. 
My View of the Ocean : because it reminds me of the possibilities and God's deep love for me.
and You : because you've supported me in my wild adventures as I continue to pursue God's will for my life.

thank you, and Happy New Years!

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