Tuesday, 8 January 2013

powerful love

The students of Engage DTS 2013 arrived on Thursday and we are now on Day 2 of the actual DTS.
One of our Scavenger Hunt Photos...
We weren't in the mood to plank, so we got some wood to step in for us!
We've had an amazing weekend getting the bonding process underway with a Photo Scavenger Hunt and Sunset BBQ. A success in everyone's eyes I'm sure.

One of our Scavenger Hunt photos:
Question: "What do you surf with? Take a pic!"
Yesterday we began the week with morning worship and then joined forces with the All Nations, All Generations DTS for a week on "Hearing the Voice of God" with Donna Jordan, our lovely Canadian speaker! Day 1 we already saw students come forward and recognize Jesus, not just as their savior, but as Lord of their lives.
First Monday Morning Worship of the quarter!
Photo Credit: Erin T.
Then last night, we had Ministry Night (a time of worship and spontaneously following where the Holy Spirit leads us) and after a time of prayer for healing we saw over 30 students from DTS be healed of various illnesses!!!
It is so amazing to see how quickly God is moving throughout the school. He really isn't wasting anytime, but jumping right into the hearts of the students and moving in their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The question on many of the staff's heart is:
If God is already moving in such powerful ways in the first week; What will he do over these next 6 months? and How great must the calling on the lives of our students be? 

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