Thursday, 19 January 2012

deep & beyond

Even before we got on campus, God has been moving and letting our leaders know, that while we are a smaller school, we are going to be mighty! The desire in everyone here to know God more and have a deep relationship with Him, is so tangible.

Our first week's theme was Hearing God's Voice, which was an amazing way to prepare us for the rest of school and life, as hearing from God is vital in walking out his call on our life.

This week Jeff Waalkes has been speaking on The Call and Cost of Following God. Its been amazing and challenging, but it is so clear that God is in our midst and wanting to speak to us.
If I could choose the "Theme" for these first two weeks here at YWAM, I would have to say it has been Surrendering to God. Its been in many different ways and surrounding a ton of different topics, but I really feel that God is wanting to make himself known as Lord of my life. At first it is a challenge, to lay yourself down, but with it I have found so much freedom!

Today we had our Local Outreach Orientation, with Deep&Beyond. Here is a clip so you can see more about what they do...
Our team will be following up with participants and building relationships with them and ministering to their families by supporting them in the day-to-day things that need to be done. I am so excited for this opportunity, and to see God move through us in a way that I haven't personally experienced before. I  know that the goal is to minister to these wonderful people, but I truly believe that we will be the ones who are ministered too, as we get to see God work in their lives.

I cannot wait to see what else God has planned for this week, as we continue hearing about The Call & Cost of Following God. It is bound to be a life changer, and it will be AMAZING!

Please be praying that we are all open to hearing what God wants to speak into our lives, and that we are able to minister well to the people around us!
Much love,

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