Saturday, 7 January 2012

orientation KONA


I am so blessed to be here! It is absolutely gorgeous! There is the volcano right behind our campus and the ocean infront and to the left of us. A gorgeous (unknown) tree right outside my dorm window and apparently our building is the best for spotting dolphins from ... cause the ocean is RIGHT THERE! I'm sharing a room with a total of 8 girls... bunk-beds are such a God-send!
The weather here is really nice, not too hot or humid, but enough for shorts and a tank-top...  and no sunburn! woohoo!

Yesterday was a long day, and mostly involved flying, which is not too exciting, so we'll just skim over that : )

Today however, was full and fascinating. It still doesn't feel real that I am here, and for longer than just one-week... much longer! But I certainly don't mind, and its slowly starting to sink-in.
This morning was the Welcoming Protocol. A Hawaiian tradition where the locals welcome us onto the land and bless us. It was a truly beautiful ceremony (I'll try to post pictures shortly).
Then we had an orientation for the DTS students... over 900 students are on campus this quarter. There's 8 different schools being run, as well as UofN students. Its pretty massive.
We did a lot of intro today, so there isn't a ton to talk about just yet that way, but the staff and other students are so amazing. We're already connecting really well, and I'm sure friendships will just continue to develop.

I will try and keep y'all posted as best as I can.
Much love,

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