Tuesday, 24 January 2012


This past week has been chalk-full of God challenging me to radically obey Him. It has certainly been challenging, to surrender control to Him but as I continue choosing to obey Him, my faith is growing and I am experiencing more freedom than I ever have.
Over the weekend I FINALLY got to take a trip to the beach! It was my first time hitch-hiking, not to mention being in the bed of a pick-up truck. Definitely not my first sunburn, but so far its turning into a tan... and the waves were definitely the biggest I've ever swam in. It was a blast, and we followed it up by going out to Splashers for massive burgers and some good talks.
Yesterday was mostly me starting and finishing my Journal Assignment, and now I'm on the race to read my book and write a report on it in just 8 days :o ! But the night ended watching "A Walk To Remember" on the lawn with double-stuffed oreos and cheese-its...
So overall, it was a pretty amazing weekend.

This week is packed with a bunch of different speakers, including Heidi Baker and the Cunninghams (Founders of YWAM). We got the first taste of it this morning, and then we were off to learn how to build a water pump out of PVC Pipe. After 45 minutes of sanding, we were successful, and will be able to bring that knowledge to wherever we go, but specifically on our outreach trip to SRI LANKA!
Then it was off to finish up more homework and then Ministry Night in the prayer room. God is doing so much so rapidly in all of us, He's specifically been revealing that He has a plan for each of our lives, which is designed to fit each one of us. His plan is to come alongside us in discipling us, being Lord of our lives, as well as being the perfect Father.
It is such a fascinating and overwhelming process, but the excitement is so thick. I cannot wait to see what God does through these amazing speakers this week!

Updates soon,
Becca <3

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