Tuesday, 10 January 2012

photo update!

SO I am having a BLAST here in Kona!
Everyone is wonderful and God is moving in such powerful ways at such a rapid pace. Its a little frightening, but so wonderful!

I'll write a bit more on all the wonderful stuff later, but for now I figured I would let you all see some photos of the campus!
So here goes:

Welcome Protocol by the native Hawaiians
University of the Nations - Flags 
Kailua Pier (Which I jumped off of for our Scavenger Hunt)

Sunset BBQ on the Beach

Banyan Tree Cafe - Our official hangout spot

The view as we walk to class each day

The Steps Of Doom - which we walk back up each day from class...

Ohana Court
I will talk to y'all later, but for now its time to go to bed.. with it being 10:40pm and a 6:15 breakfast tomorrow, I need to get some sleep in!

Much love,

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