Friday, 6 January 2012

the flight to SAN FRAN...

I'm currently flying over Hays Kansas, on my way to San Francisco where I'll take a connecting flight to Kona, Hawaii.
The past three days have been full of “goodbyes” and “see you later's.” Last night some of my fabulous friends were able to come bye last-minute and have a Goodbye Party. One of my favourite nights of the holiday, with lots of laughter, music and a few tears. Then this morning, my Mum and baby sis drove me to the airport and my friend Leigh was able to come and say goodbye as well. It has been so wonderful being surrounded by people that love me and that I love, definitely one of the best feelings ever to know how loved you are. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!
Shockingly enough, I managed to keep the tears at bay during all the goodbyes... but as a friend predicted: Soon as I was on the plane, there they were.
I can't decide if its good or bad, to only have strangers witness my little melt-down. Either way, the emotions are there, but its time to move on from the sadness of leaving to the excitement about going. And it is SO exciting! After all, what really is there not to be excited about?! ...Maybe the cockroaches?
Aside from that, I'm looking forward to everything! I finally get to meet my leaders, and all the wonderful people in my school. I'm so looking forward to the lectures, and just growing in so many ways, most of which I can't even begin to predict. Worship every day... The FRUIT!
And Hawaii's not half bad either, right?
I just finished watching Footloose, and I have to warn you all. Sitting in a plane makes it extremely hard and awkward to dance along... I recommend choosing a better venue. It is, however, AMAZING! Oh to live in a town where barn dancing, and just general dancing, is the norm... assuming I would be good at it, otherwise, that would just be embarrassing... For now, I am toe-tapping and listening to my country music <3

I am so expectant for what God has planned for me in these next 6 months. I can't wait to just deal with all the junk and get on with living the way he intended for my life. Considering he designed me and placed the desires in my heart, and I am pretty sure that living the way he intended is the best possible decision a person can make! I don't even know specifically what I'm expecting to have happen. Its simply a gut-feeling, I just know it will be REALLY GOOD! I know there will be life-long friendships, that I will fall madly in love with God, that I will grow in unbelievable and exponential ways, and that I will be forever changed and changing for the better.
I can't wait to see where I am going on my Outreach Trip, but I'm also perfectly content to live in the moment, and enjoy every second of my time in Hawaii.
I definitely want to learn how to surf and scuba dive, whether I will have the time or not is a different story, but just swimming in the ocean with all the sea-life teaming beneath me, *sigh* does it get any better?!

I am about 2 hrs out from the end of this leg of the journey, and then a 2 hr wait and then off to Kona. I'll arrive at 7:45pm local time... later than I'd like. But! I realized that I will see the sun setting as we're flying into Hawaii (Sun sets at 6pm), so that is pretty amazing! Too bad I won't get to see all the palm trees and oceanscape in the daylight, but what a surprise for the morning!

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