Monday, 2 January 2012


Well, vacationing time has come to an end. These past few days have been some of the best, I got to spend tons of time with my wonderful friends and connect up with some people before hopping on the plane!

Speaking of which. Packing. Its becoming a bit of an issue. Meaning, I have yet to start?

Its surprisingly emotional for me too pack, it means that I'm actually leaving. As much as I am over-the-moon about going, the leaving part is much harder than I expected. It feels a bit like I'm packing up my life, which I am, it just feels a lot more daunting than it has before. 

BUT lets focus on the important thing: 
I leave in
        3 days for Hawaii !
and I am SO EXCITED!!!

I suppose, if I am to arrive with my things, I should stop writing this post and start packing

So I will say "goodbye" and get to it... 


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