Friday, 13 January 2012

intensity building

Life is INTENSE here on the "Big Island". People are so on-fire for God, it is so incredible to be able to be a part of it!
Tomorrow we wrap up our week on Hearing God's Voice. I don't think one day has gone by since class started when I haven't been in tears, as well as nearly everyone around me. But its the good kind. The kind that means change is happening, that old mind-sets are being layed down, and that God is truly making himself known as Lord and Father in my life. It is so exciting! I don't have words to describe how great this feels. Its tough for sure. But one thing that has constantly been repeated is that "Its an uncomfortable position to be in (with God) but its a comforting place to be". Basically meaning, that while crying and changing is not easy and it pushes me, the people I am with and the leadership are a safe place, were I can be comforted in a difficult but wonderful time.
God is showing himself more and more to me. Its giving me such a hunger to know more, that its becoming frustrating. In the best possible way of course, we should always be hungry for God. Never satisfied with just a little taste.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day. We wrap up on Hearing God's Voice with Donna Jordan, and then finally get an afternoon off!
Just so you know how exciting that is, we have only had meals as free-time for this past week. And meals don't last more than 2 hrs.
So here has been my schedule for the past week:
6am: wake up > 6:15-7:15 breakfast > 8-8:45 1st class > 9-12pm 2nd class > 12-1:30 lunch > 2-4pm 3rd class > 5-6:15 dinner > 6:30-8:30 4th class.
Then normally we hangout at the Banyan Tree till 10 and then bedtime! 
As you can see, an afternoon off (1:30 - 6) will be a grand thing. Of course it will be chalk full with catching up on journalling, bible reading, and beginning to read our current book... likely blogging, and going to the prayer room. BUT it will be time off!

Then at 6pm the craziness will begin, as we will finally know our Outreach Locations! We will be told them (bound to be in some crazy creative fashion) and be given just 10 minutes to pray about where we feel God is calling us to go. Without knowing any information other than the name of the country.
Then Monday, we will know our teams and leaders, and start small groups were we will discuss the options for our ministry.

This week we've also chosen our Equipping Tracks and Local Outreach slots. I will be doing a Local Outreach called Deep and Beyond. Deep and Beyond helps disabled children experience freedom through water, and often take them scuba diving and the like. My team will be doing follow up (not in-water activities) and help discuss where the families are at, and just maintain relationship with them.
For the first 5 weeks I will be trained with JUSTICE WATER, on how to provide lasting sources of clean and safe water. Then the following 5 weeks will be teaching on Children's Ministry.

Life is about to get even more crazy starting tomorrow. Luckily we will have the weekend to prepare as best as we can, and catch up on some much needed rest... and homework!

Much love,
I will keep y'all posted on Outreach info!


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