Monday, 30 January 2012

sex, money and God

Hey! So its been around a week since my last post, and what a different week it has been! Frankly, this week hasn't been the easiest one, but looking back it was so crucial.
Unfortunately a bunch of people (including myself) were sick this past week, so it was much more challenging to pay attention to the teachings and stay engaged. On top of the sickness it was a Corporate Week. Which means that all the schools were together for our teachings, the setting was not as personal as we've grown used to, considering there were around 300 students instead of 40, and we had a translator (which for most of us was really distracting).

BUT we did get some good teachings out of the week!

Darlene Cunningham (Co-founder of YWAM) spoke for the first 2 days, then we had Heidi Baker on wednesday, and then Darlene and some of her associates spoke for the other days.

One of my favourite nights was when a 24yr old girl came to speak on Sex Trafficking. God first called her to focus on this justice issue when she was 18 and between then and now she has released a documentary of her going around all 50 states and interviewing different people about the issue. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the screening, but some of the students are planning on buying the DVD and watching it as a class.
The website is: If you're interested in seeing more of her work.

This week we're hearing from Greg Wiley about The Nature and Character of God. I am so excited for this week, its coming in perfect timing for what God has been preparing us for in these past few days!

Please be praying that everyone fully recover from their various illnesses.
Also, we need to put in our $2500 deposit by this FRIDAY. So if you can be praying that everyone's finances come in on time. If your interested in supporting me, please click on the "How You Can Help" tab at the top of the page! I am still looking for approx. $1400 to come in.

Much love,

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